“This is not just a wrestling school, this is a PROFESSIONAL Wrestling School.”


If you dream of becoming a professional wrestler, manager, or referee, WildKat Sports School of Professional Wrestling in New Orleans, Louisiana is your best shot.

Our extensive training program will build your body and ready your mind to enter the world of professional wrestling. Students are put on a path of hard work that leads them to graduating into being an active part of sold-out WildKat Wrestling shows. Exceptional students have been given television and film opportunities such as A24’s Iron Claw, Starz’s Heels, and NBC’s Young Rock. This program is designed to train students to become Professional Wrestlers.

“WildKat is one of the best independent wrestling shows I’ve seen.”

– Gabe Sapolsky, WWE, ECW, and CoFounder of Ring of Honor

What to Expect

Excuses are left at the door. WildKat School is designed to be hard-nosed and mold you into an elite athlete without exceptions.

Expect to:

  • Sweat
  • Be pushed beyond your limits
  • Be treated like an adult

  • Have NO shortcuts
  • Attend 3 classes a week, no matter what.
  • Learn to become the BEST in the world

“Don’t be afraid to be ambitious about your goals. Hard work never stops. Neither should your dreams.”

– The Rock

Who Do We Accept?

We meet with passionate people who are striving to become a professional in the wrestling world. WildKat will meet with all students regardless of age, race, or creed without discrimination, however, we do not accept all students. Everyone involved must demonstrate physical aptitude, have little to no worry of physical limitations, and have the passion needed to make it in the world of Professional Wrestling.

“Safety is the first fundamental taught at WildKat”

– Matt Lancie, WildKat Owner and Coach

Class Focus

Our on-sight, wrestling school coaches are active, professional wrestlers personally trained by Lucas Hawx in the WildKat Method of wrestling. Each class is different and varies based on personal skill level.

You will learn:

In-Ring Safety: Wrestling is dangerous. At WildKat, safety is of the utmost concern. You do not learn moves until you are in the physical and mental shape to execute the move.

In-Ring Technique: WildKat teaches fundamental wrestling maneuvers such as grappling, striking, and submission holds. This includes executing moves safely, with precision, and fluidly to ensure the safety of both performers.

Promo Skills and Mic Work: You will learn how to give compelling speeches, engage with the audience, and develop a charismatic persona. This involves understanding storytelling, character development, and the art of connecting with fans

Ring Psychology: WildKat will teach you about the nuances of storytelling within a wrestling match including pacing, building tension, and eliciting emotional responses from the audience.

Character Development: You will create and evolve a wrestling persona, defining character traits, mannerisms, and develop a unique in-ring identity.

Physical Conditioning: You’ll learn about strength, endurance, flexibility, and agility to perform athletic moves and sustain the physical demands of wrestling.

Referee and Managerial Skills: For those training to be referees or managers, the focus is on learning rules, managing matches, learning the business and enhancing storytelling.

Professional Etiquette and Business Knowledge: You will leave with an understanding the wrestling industry including contracts, promotions, marketing, and self-promotion.

Adaptability and Improvisation: WildKat will prepare you for unexpected situations in the ring and how to make adjustments on the fly.

Immersive and Improvisation Interactions: Great wrestlers know how to interact with a crowd of 3,000 just as well as a crowd of 300. You will learn how to make memories for fans, which is paramount to achieving success in the wrestling industry.

Media Training: You will become prepared for interviews, media appearances, and social media interactions in the wrestling world.

“If you’re serious about wrestling and you seriously put in the work. The opportunities will be there for you in the world of Professional Wrestling”

– Luke Hawx, A24’s Iron Claw & Founder of Wildkat Sports

The Details

Tuition is a $500 non-refundable deposit, due at sign-up. After that, it’s $250 per month. The total is $4,000 due by the course’s completion. Should you decide to pay the total upfront, the $500 deposit will be waived for a total of $3,500. All payments are non-refundable.

Managers, commentaries, and referees will go through the physical training needed to properly take bumps in the ring.

Prospective students may use the contact form to set up a private meeting to see if they’d be the proper fit to become a student of WildKat Wrestling.

    Where is the school located?

    You can find WildKat wrestling school at:

    5441 Pepsi St.

    Elmwood, LA 70123

    WildKat’s wrestling training school isn’t just about learning the techniques of wrestling; it’s an environment that embraces newcomers and focuses on their growth.

    Our experienced trainers, including WWE superstars and Hall of Famers, are dedicated to nurturing your development within a supportive, encouraging atmosphere. Our ultimate goal is to guide and inspire future stars in the enthralling world of professional wrestling.

    Seeking the best pro wrestling school near you? Look no further than WildKat Sports’ training school in New Orleans. We offer an exceptional opportunity to engage in pro wrestling training at its finest, focusing on crafting future wrestling luminaries. Unleash your potential with us today!