The holiday season can be bitter sweet. A time for those lucky to have love and family find time to spend it with abundance, but I know there are many who aren’t so lucky. Hopefully WildKat Sports can spread some holiday cheer this season for both the fortunate and those on hard times.

WildKat Wrestling comes live for the first time at the Kamp in Harahan, Louisiana, this Saturday, a show I am much looking forward to. As 2023 comes to a close, I can only imagine what the stars of WildKat will do to leave their mark on the year.

Christmas time has become somewhat of a tradition for WildKat Wrestling, though it hasn’t always been a happy holiday for everyone. On Christmas night 2018, The record breaking WKS Heavyweight Championship reign of J Spade came to an end at the hands of Steve Anthony …and a fast count from then senior official Said Abumusa (I hope our new GM and J Spade have made up since then)

The bad luck continued to 2019, when the Outlaw Matt Lancie, then both the WKS Heavyweight Champion AND WKS Revolution Champion, was forced to vacate both titles on Christmas night due to injury. Will the WKS Heavyweight Championship curse continue this holiday season when Brady Pierce defends the WildKat Heavyweight Championship against PJ Hawx this Saturday in a LUMBERJACK MATCH?

It hasnt been all gloom and doom, though. The holiday season saw Luke and PJ Hawx win the WKS Tag Team Championship for the first time, Ryan Davidson would win the WKS Heavyweight title to begin the longest reign in WildKat history, and more often than not David Powers has found time to hand out goodies to pur wonderful fans in attendance. It will be interesting to see just how merry this year’s holiday show will go for the WildKat athletes. Seasons beatings, after all.

As I sit here typing during this holiday season, I find myself thinking about the first time I stepped in a WildKat ring. It was December 2017, and much like now, the New Orleans weather couldn’t decide if it would be appropriately cold for the holidays or seasonally warm. I remember the heaters on full blast that day as all the new students debated their previous wishes on having colder weather for Christmas. As cold as that day was, it’s one of my warmest memories. Touching the canvass for the first time is something I won’t soon forget.

My, how WildKat has grown since that time! Different school, different students, different Sammy Kiss. But the heart, desire and passion everyone at WildKat Sports feels remains the same. I’ve seen a true brotherhood grow in my time since, and WildKat has grown leaps and bounds!

News broke earlier this month that WildKat has a new investor. While majority owners Luke Hawx did not elaborate on the circumstances or make specific mention of who is moving things forward behind the scenes, I can confirm the direct for WildKat is certainly “UP.” It’s looking like 2024 will be a huge year for WildKat, indeed.