It’s hard to believe WildKat Sports started over twelve years ago. Time truly does fly. WildKat has traditionally commemorated its anniversary every November with our Anniversary Event: The Revolution Rumble, and that tradition continues this year on November 18th.

The first event I worked as part of WildKat Sports was in 2017 at that year’s Revolution Rumble event, so the show holds a particularly special place for me, but I’ve found that most WildKat fans and performers alike agree that the Rumble is the standout event of the year.

While WildKat Sports was founded in 2011, the first Revolution Rumble event was held in 2014, and has been an annual tradition ever since. The event sees the culmination of year long feuds, while also is a launching point for where WildKat looks to go in the future. The 2023 edition will be the 8th iteration of the event, having lost a few in 2020 & 21 due to the Pandemic.

With the Rumble comes, of course, the Revolution Rumble Match itself, arguably WildKat’s biggest match of the year. A true test of endurance and perseverance, the Revolution Rumble Match is the best opportunity for many in the WildKat lockerroom to break through the glass ceiling and reach elite status within the company.

Of course, in addition to adding their names to history, the winner of the Rumble also earns a WildKat Revolution Rumble opportunity. On some occasions, the Revolution Championship itself has even been decided in the intense contest.

The match itself begins with two competitors, with another entering the frey at timed intervals. This continues until all entrants have entered the match. Rumbles have varied in size, with some having 15, 20, even over 30 entants. A competitor is eliminated after they are thrown over the top rope to the floor below. Unlike some other rumbles, the Revolution Rumble continues until there are TWO wrestlers remaining after all others have been eliminated. Once we are down to the final two, the match essentially resets to a straight one-on-one contest to be won by pinfall or submission.

Previous Rumble winners include Bestia 666 as the inaugural winner in 2014, winning the vacant Revolution Championship after it was relinquished by the departing former champion Buku Dao.

“The Stud” Curt Matthews won the match in 2015, defeating Danny Flamingo in the final to become #1 contender. Danny Flamingo found himself in the final two again in 2016, this time against Luke Hawx. After entering the match at #1, Danny went on to defeat Hawx and capture the vacant Revolution Championship.

The Baton Rouge Bullet Jace Valor won the 2017 Rumble. Matt Lancie would not only win in 2018, but also elect to invoke his oppurtunity on the same night, adding himself to that night’s Revolution Championship match between Scott Phoenix and champion Jonny Flex. Thanks to the reunited House Of Harper, Lancie would win his second Revolution Championship.

The 2019 Rumble saw “The Southern Stomper” Luke Hawx win in front of over 2,400 fans in the Pontchartrain Center. Then after a two year drought, last year saw the return of the Rumble at a special joint-event with the NWA where Rhett Titus would add his name to the list of Revolution Rumble winners.

A match where anything can happen and anyone can enter, predicting who’ll win the 2023 Revolution Rumble is a near impossible task. One Man I know won’t be winning is Danny Flamingo or Chuck Devine, two men who are set to clash over Devine’s Revolution Championship. because Danny will be challenging Chuck for the title, this will be the first Revolution Rumble match where Danny won’t compete. One thing I do know, whether it’s Chuck Devine or Danny Flamingo, whoever walks out on November 18th as Revolution Champion better have eyes in the back of their head. I can’t recall a time when the WildKat lockerroom was hungrier than they are now, and I know that come November 18th they’ll all be “ready to rumble.”